Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014, Pages 1-62 (September) 
Occurrence of aflatoxin B1 in pistachio nuts during various preparing processes: tracing from Iran

Pages 1-5

Razzagh Mahmoudi; Reza Norian; Farzad Katiraee; Mohammad Reza Pajohi-Alamoti; Seyed Jamal Emami

Mycoflora of Ostrich (Struthio camelus) gastrointestinal tract as a human hazard

Pages 29-34

Hassan Ghorbani Choboghlo; Aghil Sharifzadeh; Hossein Nikpiran; Jafar Nasrollahnejad

General overview of fungal allergic asthma

Pages 35-41

Ali Akbar Pourfathollah; Fatemeh Beyzayi; Ali Khodadadi; Seyyed Shamsadin Athari

Role of denture-wearing on colonization and antifungal resistance of oral Candida albicans isolates in healthy people

Pages 43-53

Ghasem Vahedi; Golnaz Sharafi; Ali Vahedi; Sahra Vahedi; Tabassom Mohajer; Teimur Abbasi

Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA): an approach for quick detection and identification of fungal species

Pages 55-62

Sahar Javaheri Tehrani; Mansour Aliabadian; Abdolmajid Fata; Mohammad Javad Najafzadeh